Hi! I'm Rumini!

Hi -- My name is Rumini (Pronouned Room-in-ee!).

I love taking my aromatic Roll & Go Oils everywhere I go. They help me stay balanced, focused and feeling good throughout the day. They also help me slow down and create reflective moments for my soul while I live life on the go.

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My aromatic oils are always: 

Thoughtful:  Crafted with purpose & intention to help you create reflective moments for body & soul as you live life on the go.

Simple: Roll on your pulse points as a perfume or for an aromatherapy boost throughout the day.

Natural: I believe you have a choice to live free of artificial & unhealthy fragrances, chemicals & preservatives. I specifically design my blends using only quality, natural materials & essential oils. Click here to learn more!

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When I’m feeling romantic I turn to my Simply Rose perfume blend to enhance my mood. It makes me feel graceful, confident and alluring. It’s just right to wear for a special evening out with your special someone. Here’s to more romance in your life!

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I love settling down in the evening to relax & unwind. There’s nothing better than creating space where I can be myself, reflect on the day, and remember the moment with my Evening Anthem blend. Cheers to the end of the day!

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When I’m needing some inspiration on my next project, I love to have my Inspiration blend handy. This refreshing blend brings clarity & focus to my mind, illuminating the creative ideas that were just under the surface. Next work project? Done! Here’s to your next big idea!

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Life is busy. When things get too hectic, I reach for my Quiet Thoughts blend to bring peace & tranquility to my mind and soul. I use it to relieve stress at work; while traveling; or at home to bring a calming element to my day. Here’s to more peace in your life!

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When I need an extra pick-me-up I grab my Renew Energy blend. It helps to recharge and revitalize my senses. I love using it to start my morning off right, to clear afternoon brain fog, or to regain that spark in a dull work day. Here’s to more vitality in your life!

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We all need time to ourselves; to ponder, to journal, to be in nature, or to create something new. Those times may be few, but when I get them, I take them. I like to enhance those moments with my Reflections blend to help me to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life. Here’s to more moments just for you!

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I love having different blends to match my mood and I love having a new one to add to my collection! This is my limited edition blend, available only for a short time. No matter what mood you’re in, grab it quick before it’s gone. Here’s to fun, limited edition, feel-good blends!

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"Wherever you go, go with all your heart" - Confucius

Whenever I want to relax or get work done, I roll a little of my Quiet Thoughts on. Somehow it’s calming and invigorating at the same time, so I enjoy using it before sitting down to read or doing anything creative. I use it daily and highly recommend it!

Leslie A.

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About Ruministcs

Ruministics is a small, independant & locally-owned company based in St. Louis, MO. We make all of our proprietary aromatic blends in-house, overseeing each step from beginning to end. Each unique blend has been designed by the owner, Hannah, with knowledge and skill of aromatherapy & a love of natural aromatic materials. Every blend starts as an idea; and involves research, testing, formulating and lots of patience! Once the formulation process is complete, we then lovingly handcraft all of our Roll & Go Oils individually to ensure quality, thoughtfulness, care and integrity in each and every one.

The name Ruministics is from the Latin ‘Ruminare’; from roots Rumen, Ruminis. It speaks of remembering, recollection, thoughts and contemplation. We craft our products with the intention and purpose of helping you create reflective moments for your soul as you live life on the go.

Learn more about the owner here and learn more about our name in this blog post.

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