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Create Reflective Moments

Thoughtful. Simple. Natural.

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Welcome to Ruministics!

We’re so happy you stopped by! We love helping people create reflective moments for their soul while they nourish their body, naturally. So come on in, stay awhile and start your journey of exploring thoughtful, natural body care. 

Our body care & aromatic oils are thoughtful, simple and natural, giving you a beautiful way to enrich your life every day.

Thoughtful: Our products are designed with purpose and intention to help you create reflective moments for your soul.

Simple: Many of our products are multi-functional and easy to use. 

Our delightful artisan bar soap can be used as a lovely hand soap in the kitchen or bathroom, or use as In the shower or bath to cleanse and moisturize.

Our salves and balms can be used as a natural way to moisturize hands, cuticles, lips, elbows, knees, feet, beards and even tattoos!

Our aromatic roll on oils can be worn as a natural perfume, or use as a daily aromatherapy boost: roll on wrists, temples and neck to comfort, encourage and soothe your body and soul.

Natural: We believe you have a choice to live free of artificial & unhealthy fragrances, chemicals and preservatives, which is why we specifically design our products using only quality, natural materials and essential oils.

Our Name

What’s in a name? The name Ruministics is from the Latin ‘Ruminare’; from roots Rumen, Ruminis. It speaks of remembering, recollection, thoughts and contemplation. We create our products with the intention and purpose of helping you to create reflective moments for your soul while nourishing your body. Learn more about the name Ruministics here!