Balance. Nourish. Reflect.

All-Natural Handcrafted Body Care & Aromatherapy

About Ruministics

Our Mission

Ruministics provides pure, wholesome and natural body care and scents to help you live a more natural and thoughtful life! We pride ourselves on using quality, sustainable ingredients to benefit your skin and delight your senses. 

Our Values

We believe that what we put on our body should be good and wholesome for both skin and senses, which is why we create products using only use natural ingredients & essential oils. 

We want you to treat your body & senses to natural, aromatic body care that is made with purpose and intention. 

Our goal is to give you the choice to live free of artificial & unhealthy fragrances, chemicals and preservatives. 

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Our Name

The name Ruministics is from the Latin   ‘Ruminare’; from roots Rumen, Ruminis. It speaks of remembering, recollection, thoughts, contemplation, the past, ruminating, thinking, intention, purpose & design. We create our products with the intention and purpose of helping you to find balance and create reflective moments while nourishing your body.