11 Simple Ways to Nourish Body & Soul this Holiday Season

1. Read a good book on the couch (With a blanket and cup of tea, of course!)

2. Watch your favorite Christmas movie (I always liked Rudolph. What's yours?) 

3. Sing Christmas Carols; or go caroling! 

4. Avoid long lines at the mall (Or just avoid the mall and shop local instead!)

5. Stay healthy by eating lot of fruits and veggies, especially ones high if vitamin C (Fresh grapefruit is a favorite).

6. Rest up. Take advantage of long winter nights and sleep! (Use our Chamomile Lavender Linen Mist to help send you to dreamland) 

7. Bake Christmas cookies and give them to the postman (Save a few for yourself too).

8. Energize yourself by taking a brisk walk outside.

9. Buy a poinsettia or Christmas cactus for some natural decor. 

10. Diffuse your favorite essential oil in your diffuser or light candles around the house

11. Decorate a Christmas tree!   

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