Lately I've been thinking about doing a blog. I've never wanted to 'write a blog'. My thoughts have been, over the years, 'People who write blogs are just stay-at-home moms who's kids are in school and have nothing better to do with themselves during the day.' Really judgmental, I know. And probably super, super wrong. Because do I actually READ blogs? Nope. Sure don't (I mean, here and there, I do, but on the whole, no). 

I think my judgmental attitude was mainly because I WASN'T a stay-at-home mom who's kids were in school. I was a thirty-something single woman without kids who worked. And I didn't want to be that. I wanted to be something different.

So, now, fast forward a bit. I got married last year to a wonderful guy. I worked for a little bit after our marriage, but things on the back burner, that I'd been slowly working on for years, were demanding attention. And I needed a rest from the pressure of 'making something of myself' (ie, single woman who has to provide for herself because...well, that's what you do).

So, I stopped 'working', took a little rest and out of that came Ruministics. A small company that creates all natural body care and aromatherapy products. This is what had been on the back burner. I had gotten my Certificate of Aromatherapy through the American College of Healthcare Sciences a few years prior. I loved aromatherapy. I loved 'making things'. I loved knowing what I was putting on my body was wholesome and good because I knew what was going on my skin. I loved working with essential oils and creating unique blends. I wanted to do this more. 

There is also something of the artist in me. I enjoy writing. I enjoy journaling. I love paper. I love working with my hands; knitting, crocheting, sewing. I love making and creating. I even love painting and drawing. I love nature. I love BEING. 

Currently, Ruministics has been vending at local farmer's markets and craft shows. A website has been designed and is up and running. 

And now blogging? Maybe this ties in with the artist in me. I love writing. I have thoughts that tie in directly with Ruministics (ie, thoughtful body care, aromatherapy and thoughtful living). So, I guess blogging it is!

Here's to a new aspect of Ruministics and a new adventure. 







  • Leslie,

    Sure! I’ll start working on a post about the aromatherapy certificate. :) Stay tuned!

  • Hi Hannah,
    Could you write a post sometime about going through your aromatherapy certificate program? I have always been intrigued by it. :)

  • Love this, Peggy!

    Hannah Hon
  • Funny enough, I started a blog back in 2007 – for ME! My treasure chest of info… in a ‘safe’ place – as I was pondering moving again, single, working full-time + had #6 side jobs… yes, #7 jobs total.
    Mission trips were a passion.
    Back then,
    all my internet time
    was at the local library. I wrote more then than now… I am a stay-at-home wife with ONE job, AND I have traveled more this year than any other. God is merciful. Maybe next year will be the year of blogging. Looking forward to reading your’s. You have a LOT to share, & I have a lot to learn.


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