Camping Essentials

Hi, it's Rumini here! 

Camping is one of my favorite things to do to get away from the busyness of every day life and to relax a bit! 

I love being outdoors, in nature, getting away from the demands and pressures of life and camping at a state park or campground is one simple way to take a break for a weekend. 

For me, simplicity in camping is the way to go. I don't like, or feel like I need, a lot of fancy equipment or supplies to take advantage of the great outdoors and an easy weekend away. 

Here are some of my camping essentials: 

I go old fashioned and bring a tent! I like to have a lot of space, so a 7 or 8 man tent is the way to go for myself and /or a friend. :) Plenty of room to spread out and sleep well. 

A sleeping bag and/or blankets. It always seems to be cooler than you think it will be at night, so I like to pack a couple extra blankets besides a sleeping bag. 

Food - of course! I like to do simple food -- a batch of muffins made before I leave, some hardboiled eggs, gluten free cereal and almond milk, homemade trail mix (Almonds, chcocolate chips, raisin, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds), sandwhiches, chips, hummus and carrot sticks, hot tea in the morning, granola bars, bagels and cream cheese, chicken sausages roasted over a fire. Simple, yummy and satisfying. And don't forget your cooler and ice to keep everything cold!

A good book, a journal and some games. Get lost in a book while relaxing in a tent or by a fire, go camping with friends and dive into some card games, reflect and ponder on life by taking some time of solitude and journal your thoughts. 

Firewood, purchased at the camp ground and a folding chair. What's camping without a nice fire and a comfy place to sit?! :) 

A picnic basket. Pack your basket with all your non-food essentials like cups, plates, silverware, matches, dishcloths and kitchen towels, soap, etc.

Backpack with toiletries and clothing. I like to pack a few extra clothes because when you're going on adventures, you never know  when an extra pair of pants will come in handy. ;) Also, a natural bug spray! 

Reflections Roll & Go Oil! You know I never go anywhere without my Roll & Go Oils and my Reflections blend is the perfect companion for a outdoor weekend get away. It's earthy, soothing and just right for pondering and reflecting on life (To learn more, click here!).

Happy Camping! 



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