Confidence: Beauty

Hi Friends, it’s Rumini here. One of the things I struggle with sometimes is being confident in myself and who I am. The world is busy and can wear us down little by little! It can be hard to push the pause button on events and projects we have going on around us, but I believe it is important to be reminded of how unique and special each of us are...including you

Confidence: 1. a feeling of assurance; especially self-assurance, 2. marked by assurance; as of success.

I want to remind you, assure you, that you are beautiful. As women we tend to compare ourselves to other women around us; at least I know I do, especially in outward appearances like what we look like or how we dress. Comparison can be draining! Today, take a minute to remind yourself that YOU are beautiful, inside and out. 

Taking time for yourself is important. It can be hard to find time daily, or even weekly, to do things for yourself that you enjoy, but when we do intentionally slow down and specificallly set time aside for self-care and enjoying life, it gives our soul a chance to breathe amid all the busyness. Take this moment, right now, to breathe, remind yourself that you are beautiful, worthwhile and that you can be full of confidence in who you are today. 



P.S. I created an aromatherapeutic blend to aid you in feeling confident no matter where you are or what you're doing. Click here to find the Confident & Alluring blend called Simply Rose. 



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