Confidence: Uniqueness

Hi Friends, it's Rumini here. The last couple months I've been exploring the topic of Confidence. Confidence in life, knowing that you are beautiful, that you are enough. The world can be demanding with pressures from many areas in life telling us we have to live up to a certain standard or look a certain way. You are beautiful how you are, what you have to offer, what you do or what you don't do, is enough.
Today I invite you to celebrate your uniqueness...the unique, one-of-a-kind person that you were made to be; your likes, dislikes, your style,  your tastes, enjoyments in life,  your personality type! There is no one like YOU in the world and this is a beautiful thing! I invite you today to take a few moments to enjoy yourself and the uniqueness of who you are.
Sometimes, oftentimes at least for me, I don't take time to celebrate my uniqueness and find myself wishing I was someone different or had different tastes or style or even a different personality. We may often wish that we were something other than what we are. We tend to compare ourselves with others, which, as I mentioned in this post, can be draining! Living a life comparing ourselves to others and not celebrating our personal uniqueness is maybe not the best way to live.
How can we stop this cycle of comparison? One way is to realize how special our individualness, our uniqueness, is and really truly celebrate it. Celebrate by doing something you enjoy; going for a bike ride, a run, reading a book on the couch, watching a favorite movie, drinking a special blend of coffee, journaling, getting together with a good friend, taking time for your favorite hobby, enjoying a new aromatherapy blend, trying a new art project, or even rearranging you living room if that's what you like! I challenge you today, this week, this month, to celebrate you.


Take that thought and go through the rest of the day and feel full of confidence. No matter what the world around you says, you are beautiful, you are enough and you are wonderfully unique. Celebrate it!



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