Confidence: Purpose

Hi Friends, it's Rumini here! I've been exploring the topic of Confidence lately. Having confidence in life, in who we are as unique individuals, in our likes and dislikes, having confidence that we are enough! 
Today I want to mention the aspect of purposefulness within the context of confidence. I believe that having confidence in life and in who we are goes hand-in-hand with living a purposeful, fulfilling life. Feeling like our life is purposeful and worthwhile can be a huge boost in our confidence and how we view the world around us. 
Sometimes having a sense of purpose in life can be difficult to find. We may go through our day, nothing special happening, doing what we need to do to either get by or just doing things because that's what needs to be done. We may not live specifically with a grand sense of purpose every day of our lives. And that is ok; however, deep down we need to live with a basic sense of purpose and that our lives do indeed matter, to ourselves and to others around us. Who we are matters and what we do matters! 
I don't know where you are at today, living with a sense of purpose and fulfillment in your life, but I do want to encourage you to stop and take a few minutes to remind yourself that you do have a purpose and you are worthwhile! Whether it is in your job, being a parent, being a friend, having a volunteer position, or making a home comfortable for your family and friends, you are special, unique and have a purpose.
What are some ways that you gain a sense of purpose in your daily life? How do you find a sense of purpose specifically for you? I'd love to know! Leave a comment and let me know. :) 
P.S. Check out the Confident & Alluring Roll & Go Oil here; for all those times when you need a boost of confidence in your life. Cheers! 

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