Confidence: Enough

Hi Friends, it's Rumini here. In my last post I mentioned that I struggle with having confidence in myself and who I am. I believe that we I am not alone in this! 
We tend to compare ourselves, our personality, our style, what we like or don't like, our social media feeds, etc., to those around us. We may think this or that person is better than us, or that they have everything in their life together!
I think we all struggle with this on some level. It can be hard to be confident in what who we are when the world around us is contantly bombarding us with messages that we don't measure up to whatever the standard happens to be.
It seems we're contantly pushing ourselves to do more. It can leave us feeling like we are not enough...that who we are or what we do isn't either 'good enough' or just simply 'not enough', no matter how much we actually do.

Have you struggled with this?

Today I invite you to take a moment to stop. Stop and breathe. Breathe and relax. As you take a moment to stop...breathe...relax...I want to remind you that no matter how much you do or don't do, it IS enough. You, just by being who you are, beautiful personality quirks and all (Trust me, I have them too!), are enough.

Take that thought and go through the rest of the day feeling full of confidence. No matter what the world around you says, you are beautiful, you are worthwhile, you are enough. 



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