Coriander & Sweet Orange: A Simple Meet & Greet

Want to know a bit about the oils of Coriander & Sweet Orange? Read on!

Coriander essential oil is reminiscent of freshly crushed coriander seeds, with a warm, slightly earthy scent and is distilled from the seeds of the coriander plant. The leaves from this plant are what create the herb cilantro, but the seeds are what is known as coriander. The plant, Coriandrum sativum, is from the Umbelliferae botanical family and is a native to Europe, although it is now cultivated in many countries. Coriander seeds have been used in throughout history by the Egyptians, especially, and has been known to stimulate the appetite.

Not only is the aroma reminiscent of the freshly crushed seeds with a warm note it also has a light spicy tone. It has a comforting, soothing aroma and reminds me of sunshine and happy days.

The essential oil of Sweet Orange is from the peel of the sweet orange tree, Citrus sinesis. It is a native of the Far East, China and India specifically. It is now cultivated in many warm climates including the Mediterranean, California and Florida. The oil has been known to help with anxiousness and stress and the scent is reminiscent of freshly squeezed oranges with a bright, sunny feel.

We take the best of both coriander and sweet orange to create a blend that is warm, fresh and bright that is sure to remind you of happy thoughts and sunshine just when you need it most.

You can find the warm sweetness of Coriander & Sweet Orange in our salves, soap and roll on oils. Use one or layer it up all day!

Thanks for reading the first installment in the Simple Meet and Greet Series. Stay tuned for more!


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