What is Hope?

Hi friends, it's Rumini here. 

Hope. What is it? 

To me, hope is a looking forward in life with expectation or anticipation. 

The American Heritage College Dictionary says Hope is 'To wish for something with expectation of its fulfillment'

What are you wishing for or desiring to happen in your life? What are you aspiring to in your current life situation? 

The Bible says that Hope endures.

Even though situations may seem bleak, difficult or unchanging hope is always there to give us a sense of anticipation, confidence or excitement for the future. 

Hope gives us a sense that things will get better, circumstances do change, that there is more than what we are going through at the moment. 

What situation or circumstances are you facing right now that seem difficult? How can you see hope working inside of you? How can you see hope around you as you walk out your day? 

This is a very small definition about what Hope is, but my desire is that it will give you a sense of expectation and peace for your life.  



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