Introduction of Seasonal Blend: Abundance

 Hi Friends, it's Rumini here! 

I would love to introduce my new seasonal Roll & Go Oil and perfume blend to you! 

The name of this new autumn blend is called Abundance. 

Autumn is the time of celebrating the turn of the summer into fall. Autumn is the time of gathering and harvesting. 

In the spring and summer I plant seeds and tend my garden. It is a season of nurturing and growing things. 

In the fall, this nurturing and growing turns into harvesting what I've tended carefully through the hot summer months. 

Lately I've been harvesting my herb garden; mainly basil, thyme, parsley, mint and sage. Throughout the summer these have grown and grown well! Now is the time to gather and harvest what has grown so well during the summer. 

I cut and bring in my basil and hang it upside down to dry. Once dry, I destem the leaves and store them in a glass container. They will last me throughout the long winter so I can have freshly dried herbs to season my meals -- a taste of summer in the cold winter. 

Autumn is the time of gathering, of plentifulness, of prosperity, of fruitfulness, of abundance. I created my new autumn perfume Roll & Go Oil with this thought in mind.

A simple definition of Abundance is: A great or plentiful amount; fullness to overflowing.  

The Abundance blend takes earthy notes such as cedarwood, myrrh and cypress and pairs them with lighter citrus aromas, plus black pepper and clove for a warm, comforting feel. 

The scent profile is earthy and warm, full of sunshine for the bright autumn days and to strengthen and sustain you as you celebrate the prosperity and abundance of the season. 



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