Introduction of Seasonal Blend: Hope

Hi friend, it's Rumini here. 

I wanted to introduce my brand new perfume blend, Hope

I created the Hope blend to help me during times in my life when I am waiting for something that seems a long time coming. 

I know we all have things we long for, dream about and want to see happen in our lives. 

And I know when these things seem to take a long time to arrive, no matter how hard we work towards them, it can be disheartening and discouraging. Coupled with our already busy lives, sometimes waiting can be just too much to bear.

So, enter Hope

The Hope blend was designed to give you just that...hope.

Hope in the times of waiting. 

Hope in times of discouragement. 

Hope for things to come. 

Hope for good times in life when it seems just the opposite. 

Waiting, wanting, desiring for things we don't see can be difficult, but take hope. There is more than just what we see at the moment. 

The Spring time is when hope seems to come alive in me.

The winter is over. Daffodils start to stick their bright shoots from the ground. Soft, warm breezes come. The days start to get longer. The sunshine seems brighter. The world seems more alive. 

You can take hope, figuartively and literally, with my new perfume blend. 

This blend has sweet, light floral notes of lavender and rose with complimentary notes of chamomile and citrus. It's just right for the spring time, and just right to give you the hope you need to look forward to good things to come. 



To purchase the Hope blend, click on the product page found here.

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