Recharge & Revitalize Your Day

Hi friends, it's Rumini here!

'Recharge and Revitalize' are two words that I use to describe my all-important Renew Energy aromatic Roll & Go Oil. This blend keeps me going through the day!

Here are a few tips to help you recharge and revitalize your day. 

Start the Day off Right: 

A happy morning starts with sleep! :) Ensuring you had a good, solid sleep the night before is essential to being ready for the day to come. Having an evening routine, doing some bedtime yoga, taking a warm shower before bed and using the Evening Anthem blend all help to create an environment where sleep is encouraged -- therefore you're ready and refreshed to tackle the next day! 

Rolling on the Renew Energy Roll & Go Oil before heading off to work is also key for me in starting my day the right way. Read this post for ways to use this handy blend.

Clear Afternoon Brain Fog:

We all know the feeling when at 3pm during a dull work day we just can't. stay. awake. a. minute. longer. 

Enter the Renew Energy Blend -- keep on your desk and roll on your temples for a quick pick-me-up!

But also, don't forget to take a short break. Stand up and stretch! I like doing a few shoulder rolls, some side bends or small twists, plus a few finger and wrist stretches. This helps to keep the blood flowing and the brain awake. :) 

Drinking plenty of water during your work day helps to keep the energy up as well. Take trips to the water cooler or keep a bottle of water on your desk. 


A small, mid-day snack also helps to keep the energy flowing. A handful of nuts or a healthy granola bar may be just the thing you need to stay in the game during a busy day. 

Taking care of yourself is so important during the day. We all have a lot of demands on us and our time. The world is constantly grabbing for our attention in so many, many ways. You deserve to take some time out for yourself and give yourself the moments you need to stay focused and alert during the day. Rest, refreshment, and revitalizing your mind, body and senses is key to living a life you love. 

Cheers to your day and cheers to you for taking time much needed time for yourself. 


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