Hi! I'm Rumini!

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Hello friends! My name is Rumini. I am the spokeswoman for my favorite aromatic oils and your new best friend. :) Let me share a little of my story with you. 

Before COVID-19 hit I was a busy woman who didn't have much time to take care of myself and consequently felt run down, tired and not confident in myself or how I felt. In the Spring of 2020, during a mandated Stay at Home order, I was able to get some much needed rest and self-care. I also found the aromatic, feel-good, smell-good Roll & Go Oils from Ruministics during that time; a convenient way to have moments of self-care anywhere.

Now that things are open again I'm busy as usual (per mask and social distancing!), but now I take my Roll & Go Oils everywhere I go to help me feel good, confident and focused, no matter how busy I am and no matter where I am!

Whether I'm working from home, running errands, making dinner or meeting with friends, my Roll & Go Oils give me the moment I need to remember to take care of myself. I simply roll them on my pulse points and off I go; focused, energized and confident.

Maybe you're like me and are a little too busy to have moments to yourself. Maybe, like me, you're looking for a way to slow down and reconnect with yourself.

Let my Roll & Go Oils help you by giving you moments to refresh yourself, body, mind and soul, no matter where you are.

Here's to feeling good, focused and confident! 



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