What’s in a Name? Ruministics explained!

Enjoy this post from the owner and founder of Ruministics, Hannah. 


What’s in a name?, you may be wondering.

I’m glad you asked, because that’s what this post is all about!

Ruministics. It may be kind of a little funny word, and one that I, as a business owner, admittedly, just made up.

Pronounced ‘Room - in - is - tics’; I derived it from the Latin ‘Ruminare’; from roots Rumen, Ruminis.

In the search for the perfect business name I went through a LOT of options. I wanted something that had some meaning behind it. Since body care using natural ingredients (Essential oils being a main one) is what we sell, I had been playing with the basic idea that 'scents bringing memories to mind'.

I wanted customers, when they smelled any of the products we offered to be reminded of happy memories; warm summer days playing outside, cool evening breezes, the comforting smokiness of sitting by a fire, citrus scents to evoke trips to sunny locations, and on. And to not only be reminded of good memories, but to ponder and enjoy them and even create new ones!

The word rumination, which by definition is "The act of pondering; meditation", seemed to be a natural fit.

From there, I scribbled away in the back of my journal, (Late at night, of course, when the best ideas come!) different variations of Rumination and came up, suddenly, with Ruminstics.

My train of thought:

Essential oils = Fragrance, aroma > Aromas = Bring memories to mind > Rumination = Pondering memories that the aroma brings to mind > Ruministics

And you may be thinking, “But I thought the definition of rumen or ruminant was a animal that chews the cud, like a cow.”

Yes, that is technically the first definition!

However, the third definition of the word ruminant (After the hoofed, cud-chewing mammals) is "Meditative; contemplative".

We go on to ruminate ( Or ruminated, ruminating, ruminates), which is "To turn a matter over and over in the mind" and "To reflect on again and again".

Our definition of Ruministics is “To recall the past through fragrance; thoughtful contemplation, remembrance, reflection and intention”.

This definition speaks of our intent as a business to create products with the idea of helping you, our lovely customers and friends, create reflective moments for your soul while nourishing your body.

Thanks for reading!


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