The Why!

I am a part of a business mentoring group called the Indie Business Network. The main reason I am a part of this group is because they offer product insurance for small businesses and I think that insurance is a good thing to have (Let alone required!)  ;) 

The Indie Business Network is made up of small business owners (Like myself), artisans and crafters who make, sell and believe in quality, small batch, handmade items. I've been a member of the Indie Business Network (IBN) for a about a year and a half and I have been greatly motivated and encouraged by the wealth of wisdom and insight that the members share through the private Facebook group and other avenues.

The founder and CEO of IBN is a woman named Donna Maria who started IBN twenty years ago as a means to mentor small business crafters. She has recently come up with what she calls the Indie Method, which is a four phase system of how to start and maintain a business for long-term success.

The first step of the first phase was to answer the question: WHY? 

Why am I in business? 

As I've been pondering this and going through the worksheet and resources connected with the question, I am forced to REALLY think about Why. And to answer the question as honestly as I can. 

Some of the reasons I'm in business in the first place is because I like 'freedom'. I don't like sitting at a desk all day. I like to move and work with my hands. I like to experiment and create things and make things. I 'see' things in my head and want to get them 'out' of my head. :) I like trying new things and I love variety. I like doing little bits, helping people, I love going to new places and working in new environments. The 'daily grind' makes me a little nutsy and I long to just GO and move. 

But Why natural body care? I could have a business doing many other things besides making and selling a natural body care product. So why that?

I've explained some of this in other posts, and those reasons still stand, but as I've been thinking about things more recently I've had the conviction that this business is much more than just selling natural body care products.

It's about a lifestyle.

It's about a lifestyle that loves goodness and beauty and freedom and wholesomeness. It's about loving the body God gave you. It's about living life to the fullest here and now. It's about joy and peace and enjoying this day. It's about loving others around you. It's about a lifestyle of reflection and contemplation. It's about caring for yourself, body, soul and spirit. It's about life. 

After pondering over the 'Why', I came up with the following statements that help to serve as a foundation for Ruministics. 

We believe that living your best life here and now is a choice that you make every day. Choices that reflect a lifestyle that values goodness, wholeness, beauty and freedom.

We believe that caring for your body is also a choice and an important part of living a well-balanced, wholesome life.

We believe that using the resources nature has provided is foundational to creating the tools you need to nourish your body.

We believe you have a choice to live free of artificial & unhealthy fragrances, chemicals and preservatives, which is why we specifically design our products using only quality, natural materials and essential oils.

We believe that finding balance in life and creating reflective moments for your soul is valuable and goes hand-in-hand with caring for your body.

We believe aromatherapy can positively affect your emotions and memory, and believe that you can create the best moments possible today. This conviction is why we formulate natural, aromatic body care for you with purpose and intention.

My hope is that you see the lifestyle of beauty and reflectiveness that is in these statements. And that they inspire you to pursue a life full of joy and hope. 









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