What 'Thoughtful Body Care' means to me



In my last post I explained what I the word ruministics meant and its backstory. I ended with the paragraph: "My desire is to create products with intention and purpose to help you create reflective moments, while nourishing your body."

I've summed up that statement with the tagline "Thoughtful Body Care". Which to me has a two-fold meaning.

  1. Scents are strongly associated with memories, so while you're nourishing your body naturally, my hope is that you are transported to a time in your life that was happy and good.
  2. What you put on your body matters, so be aware of what you put on it.

The second is what I'm going to unpack today.

The statement 'What you put on your body matters' really stems from my personal belief that everyone is made in the image of God and is special. Everyone is valuable! Because your body (Yes, yours) is special and valuable, what you put on it is important! Since you're made in image of God that alone calls for a love and respect of your body.

But putting good things on your body in today's world can be a challenge.

I could point to articles and studies about all the artificial chemicals and preservatives that mainstream commercial companies put in their personal care products (SLS, talc, parabens, phthalates, fragrance, etc., the list goes on). Since it’s a common topic recently, I'm sure you've heard a lot about it (If not, the internet is full of articles and the like. Research is a good thing).

And because of this seemingly sudden surge of awareness of what we put on our bodies that 'may not' be 'good' for us, everyone, it seems, is looking for a more natural alternative to personal care products than what we've grown up with, or currently know. Myself included.

My journey started several years ago when I learned, as I mentioned, that much of what is in commercially prepared personal care products isn't healthy for your body. I'd always been interested in alternative, 'natural' products, so learning that was just another reason to look into it more. I wanted to know exactly what was going on my body (This is a very common reason for people making their own personal care items, so I’ve discovered).

I bought some natural body care books, took a couple of local classes (How to make your own lotions, etc.) and I bought a small bottle of lemon Citrus limon essential oil at a local health food store.

In my search for going 'all natural' as far as body care products went I did some, perhaps odd, things.

I’ve used an herbal infusion to cleanse my hair, tried mashed banana as a hair conditioner, as well as white clay, I’ve made an herbal tincture of vinegar and herbs to cleanse my hair, yogurt as a face mask, roasted lentils, oats and herbs as a face scrub, used baking soda and salt to brush my teeth, I’ve done a clay, sea salt and essential oil body mask, and tried about every deodorant known to man (Almost). And this is all just stuff I've made and tried. Not to mention all the natural commercial products I've tried.

All this trying ‘this and that’ led me to formulate my own body care and natural fragrance line, Ruministics. Although I don’t (Currently!) offer a facial scrub made with roasted lentils and oats, my point is, be thoughtful of what you put on your body, knowing that you are a treasure and deserve to nourish your body with good things.

My hope is that by offering natural body care through Ruministics I can help you down the road of your own journey of discovering thoughtful, simple and natural body care.


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