Tips for Focusing at Home

Hi Friends, 

It's Hannah here, owner of Ruministics, LLC. 


I've been thinking a lot about FOCUS recently.

I tend to be the type of person that has many things to do and want to do all the things at the same time. This is often how I operate and can result in doing things from a place of hurry, worry and stress, which is not good for me or anyone! 

One day, a few months ago, I paid attention to how I did things during the day. Was I doing things from a place of peace and contentment or from a place of hurry and stress? Do I do my daily activities knowing that things will get done at an orderly pace, or do I run around like crazy and not get much done? 

I took stock, on this particular day that I was working from home. I took note of how I did things, how I felt inside myself and what happened. I did my tasks that needed to be done for Ruministics, like make a big batch of handcrafted soap (And loving the smell as is was being made!) and personal tasks that needed to be done. 


I found that I had to say no to a lot of things thoughout that day.The 'No' I was saying to other small tasks that I noticed needed to be done was not one of procrastination, but one of Focus. 'I am focusing on this thing at this moment, that can wait'.

If anyone knows about procrastination, it is me. I am learning, though, to not procrastinate and I am hoping that focusing on 'one thing at a time' can actually help me with my procrastination issues.

Another thing that greatly helped with me being able to focus was turning my phone off. I had my phone off most of the day and only turned it on when I gave myself a lunch break.

Normally I tend to graze throughout the day when I am home, but kept this to a minimum by telling myself that 'No, it wasn't time to eat yet' and by giving myself a genuine lunch break by actually sitting down in the kitchen and eating. Often times I am up and around and down and eating a PB&J on my way out the door to run an errand. But not this time. And when I ate lunch, I turned my phone on to catch up on text messages, then turned it off again when lunch was done. This made a huge difference in my day and helped me to focus on what I was actually doing, not what I needed to do. It eliminated distractions.

Focus is hard.

I remember listening to The Next Right Thing podcast by Emily P. Freeman and she said simply that, 'Focus is hard' and it struck me.

Focus IS hard.

I told my husband, Adam, at the end of that particular day, how things went, how I was deliberate in focusing and not hurrying and why is focus so hard for me??

He replied that probably one reason is that I am at home. There are many things to disctract me, many things I could do, many things vying for my attention. Which do I do first and what is the most important thing for me to be doing at the moment?

Sometimes it comes down to picking just one thing and sticking to that decision.

Even that can be hard. There are many things I feel are importatnt, or even just many things that I want to do; how can I pick one?

It can be hard for me to settle on one thing. Maybe it is a learned thing, maybe it is biological and hereditary. Maybe both.

After that day, the day I paid attention to how I did things, felt and how it went, I've continued doing it because it greatly helped me! It helped my productivity and even my mental health. 

So, my pro tips for focusing at home:

#1. TURN YOUR PHONE OFF. This will greatly cut down on distractions. Unless, of course, your work is on your phone. But trust me, if you need to focus on something, turn off your phone.

#2. SAY NO. Once the decision to has been made to work on one specific thing, stick to it. Say no to everything else until that one thing is finished. Tough? Yes. Will you stay focused? Yes.

#3. GIVE YOURSELF A LUNCH BREAK. Give yourself time to eat. It doesn't have to be a fancy meal, chips and a sandwich will do, but if you feed yourself, you'll be more focused in the afternoon.

For the last couple of months I have been doing these things on the days I work from home. They have helped me a lot in staying focused on the task at hand, being productive and doing what I do from a place of contentment.

Thanks for reading, 


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