Ways to Use: Hope Blend

 Hi friend, it's Rumini here. 

There are many ways to use the Roll & Go Oil blends. Here are some ways I love to use my new perfume blend: Hope.

1. This light, floral fragrance is perfect to wear for an evening out (With masks and social distancing, of course!). Roll on perfume pulse points; behind the ears, neck, wrists and in the inside of the elbows. Breathe in the fragrance, relax and enjoy the evening. 

2. In need of some Hope in your life? Circumstances got you down? Super busy right now? Roll on the Hope blend to give confidence, expectation, anticipation for good things to come. We all need hope, now you have some. :) 

3. Keep in your bathroom and roll on your wrists and neck after a morning shower to create a sense of hope for the new day. Whatever the day may bring, you have hope.

4. Keep on your desk at work and roll on during the day to keep your sense of hope active! Hope endures, keep yours going! 

I'd love to hear from you. What are some ways you use the Hope blend? Where do you take your Roll & Go Oil? Where are some places you need hope in your life right now? 



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