Winter Dreams

I've been wanting to write about Winter Dreams since, well, since winter started. At the end of January, I finally am. :)

Winter, to me, is the time of year to dream. 

"When the stillness of winter comes it is time to dream of the future, of what the new coming year may hold, fresh beginnings, possibilities and hope", is the description on Ruministics Winter Dreams aromatherapy blend.

After the rush of Christmas, the comparative quietness of the new year gives way to dreaming about life goals and desires. The days are shorter, darker and can seem dreary, but in them there seems to be time to plan and dream, which is needed. At least for me. 

The stillness of winter can be a time of preparation for What's Next.

That brings hope and hopefulness in a time that may seem dreary, that all is not what I see in this dark day; the birds will sing again, the sun will shine again and the weather will be warm. All is not lost!! 

My dreams seem to differ every winter. Life changes during the year and I readjust my priorities. Although, strictly speaking, my priorities in life aren't necessarily what I dream about. Priorities can be practical, dreams aren't, generally speaking, practical. Priorities, reality and dreaming oftentimes seem to clash, but still, you have to dream in the midst of everything practical. 

I started this year, New Years Day to be exact, wanting a big house in the city to have space and room to breathe and be creative and decorate and, yeah, just have Space. 

Sometimes I dream about a house in the country. A getaway location for the weekends. 

Sometimes I dream about having a big, huge garden and not having to buy potatoes for 40 years because I grow them. 

Sometimes I dream about moving to Australia. Why? I don't know. I just do. It seems cool. And different. 

Sometimes I dream about touring the U.S. in an RV and camping everywhere. 

Those are some of my varied Winter Dreams. They might not be priorities, or even What's Next, but they're still there.

What are yours?










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