About Ruministics

Ruministics is a small, independant & locally-owned company based in St. Louis, MO. We make all of our proprietary aromatic blends in-house, overseeing each step from beginning to end. Each unique blend has been designed by the owner, Hannah, with knowledge and skill of aromatherapy & a love of natural aromatic materials. Every blend starts as an idea; and involves research, testing, formulating and lots of patience! Once the formulation process is complete, we then lovingly handcraft all of our Roll & Go Oils individually to ensure quality, thoughtfulness, care and integrity in each and every one.

The name Ruministics is from the Latin ‘Ruminare’; from roots Rumen, Ruminis. It speaks of remembering, recollection, thoughts and contemplation. We create our products with the intention and purpose of helping you to create moments for your soul as you live life on the go.

To read more about how we got our name, read this post here. Enjoy!