Our Story!


Meet the Founder & Product Designer: Hannah Hon

As an artisan and crafter I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands. Growing up I loved ‘making things’, anything!, from my first real cake, to birthday cards for friends, learning how to quilt, to even making a papier-mache pinata for my one of my birthdays. I also enjoyed being outside, especially in the summer months, going camping, canoeing and taking road trips with family. Yay!

Since I have a love for reading and books as well, working at the public library during high school and into my early twenties was a natural fit. I enjoyed my job there, but the world was calling for me to come explore. So, I ended up traveling the world for six years. I loved it! I went to places so different than what I had previously known. Many of my travels focused on helping under-served populations; another thing I loved doing. Some of the countries and cities I went to included Kenya, Mexico, India (Rocked my world in many ways), England and Scotland (So pretty!), Hong Kong and China, Haiti, Guatemala and even New York City.

Eventually I came back to my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, worked various jobs and lived in a small, very urban apartment with art and innovativeness happening all around me (aka, Cherokee St!). During that time I discovered a more serious interest in living a natural, healthy lifestyle, the arts and creative living. I took up things like yoga, making smoothies, knitting, trying to garden in a n urban environment, and making my own natural care products. During my process of learning more about healthy living, I also discovered a love for essential oils, which led me to formalize my education in aromatherapy. In 2011 I graduated from the American College of Healthcare Sciences with my Certificate of Aromatherapy.

I currently reside in the St. Louis area and am happily married to my husband, Adam.

I started Ruministics as a way to share my love of holistic, thoughtful living with you. I personally design and formulate all of the aromatherapy combinations and blends for Ruministics, which allows me to combine my knowledge of aromatherapy with my love for crafting natural products. My hope is that you will join me on this journey of living a life of thoughtfulness, reflective moments and beauty.