Our Story!

Meet the Owner: Hannah Hon 
Our story begins back in 2009. I was in my late 20’s and had just spent several years traveling around the world. After my travels, having been born and raised in St. Louis, I came back to my hometown and settled down (To a point! I still love traveling!!). 
After settling back in St. Louis I became discovered a serious interest in living a natural, healthy lifestyle, the arts and creative living. During my process of learning more about healthy living, I took up things like yoga, making smoothies, trying to garden in an urban environment and making my own natural care products. I also discovered a love for essential oils, which led me to formalize my education in aromatherapy. In 2011 I graduated from the American College of Healthcare Sciences with my Certificate of Aromatherapy. 
This love of aromatherapy led me to start Ruministics, a small business that focus on thoughtful, simple and natural body care & aromatherapy so you can feel good AND smell amazing while living life on the go, anywhere you happen to be (Did I mention I still love traveling??!)