Many Forms of Self-Care

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Caring for yourself through reflective moments is a big theme here at Ruministics. Caring for yourself -- body, soul, spirit -- is integral to living a balanced lifestyle. 

Journal from Celestial Collection and Evening Anthem Roll & Go Oil

Ruministics offers a sensory experience through aromatics. These aromas may help our physical body as well as our emotional and spiritual self. 

Another way we at Ruministics enjoy the ritual of self-care and reflective moments is through a practice of journaling. Hannah Hon, owner of Ruministics, has this to say:

"I find the process of journaling a necessary form of reflection and self-care. It's therapeutic for my heart, mind and soul. I believe many of us can benefit form a regular, if not daily, practice of journaling and self-reflection. It stimulates the imagination, bringing alive dreams, thoughts and ideas and making them a part of our every day lives and helps us put into perspective things we are walking through in life."

In addition to being the owner and designer behind Ruministics, Hannah also makes beautiful handbound journals. These journals are handcrafted with thought and care, using vintage and upcycled fabric and found items. The journals are a sturdy hardback and blank inside for you to explore through writing the inner workings of your ideas and imaginations. 

Currently the journal collections are listed through Etsy at Sojourn Book Arts and can be viewed and purchased by clicking this link to the Etsy shop (Or click on the picture below to be taken to the shop).


Ruministics Roll & Go Evening Anthem Oil, Purple Journal from the Celestial Collection and a Cup of Coffee


We also believe that our line of aromatic Roll & Go Oils can be enhanced by daily reflections through journaling and that the journaling experience can be brought alive through the use of aromatics while writing. It works both ways to create beautiful and memorable self-care reflective moments. 


Handcrafted Journal and Reflections Roll & Go Oil with a Cup of Coffee