School Days Self-Care Set

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Start your school year off right with the School Days Self-Care Set! It comes with three of our popular aromatic oils; continue reading for more info! 

The Renew Energy Roll & Go Oil will give you the energy and focus you need to balance the demands of work and school. Use it in the morning to help start your day off right; with it's bright, fresh scent, it's just the wake up call you need. :) 

School can be stressful for kids, parents and teachers, so beat the stress with the Quiet Thoughts aromatic Roll & Go Oil! This is a soothing blend with lavender & spearmint to help calm and quiet first day nerves or roll on this blend right before a big test to lessen anxiety (You'll do great!). 

Focus is a big key to doing well in school and our Inspiration aromatic Roll & Go Oil is just the thing you need to stay attentive during classtime. The uplifting & overarching  scent of peppermint helps you to stay alert, plus rosemary essential oil may help with memory retention as well! 

Each blend fits easily into a bag, purse or pocket for use on the go; at school, at home, or while studying for a big exam at the library...wherever you happen to be! 

Each blend comes in a 10 ml glass roll on bottle for convenient application to wrists, temples and neck. Use anytime & anywhere.

This set is only available for a limited time; from now until September 30, 2021. :) 

For more information regarding our roll & go oils, visit Product Care & Usage.

Click on each link to see ingredient list and scent profile for each specific blend.