Evening Anthem Aromatherapy Oil for Relaxation

Evening Anthem Aromatherapy Oil for Relaxation

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Anthem: A hymn of praise or loyalty; A sacred composition set to words from the Bible.

Let the Evening Anthem pulse point oil softly lull you with it's calming and harmonious aroma of essential oils, all chosen for their ability to promote relaxation. Lavender and chamomile, together with marjoram, vetiver and ylang ylang, create a pleasant earthy aroma with floral overtones. Blended in a base pf jojoba and vitamin E oil. Use during the day to help calm stress and anxiety or use before bed to promote peaceful nights.

Comes in a 10ml glass roll on bottle for convenient application to pulse points (Wrists, temples and neck). Breathe and relax.  

The Evening Anthem scent also comes in a smaller trial size version!

Item will last several months, even with daily use. Store away from light and heat to preserve the integrity of the essential oils. Pure aromatherapy scents are delicate and more subtle than artificial fragrances; reapply as often as you want or need throughout the day.

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